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Over my years in the workplace I have been witness to a number of incidents!

These incidents may never needed to have happened if there was better training and understanding!

After instructing colleagues over the years in their day to day work I saw the inclusion of training Health & Safety topics as a natural progression. Recently developing the UK Health & Safety Training program for an international aircrew training organization, including the Fire Safety, Manual Handling and First Aid we are able to assist you in identifying the needs of your business to help you meet HSE requirements.

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Having been involved in a First Aid at work for over 20 years I have come across a variety of situations, ranging from cuts, and bruises to Heart Attacks and unconscious casualty’s all of which had its own different twist and required the implementation of a different approach to the time before. The workplace is developing to deliver a more encompassing approach to Health & Safety, and within the workplace it is now necessary to train and educate members of staff to a better more informed standard. 
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