Manual Handling Level 2

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Manual Handling Training Level 2

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Level 2 Award in Manual Handling of Objects OFQUAL (QCF)

Manual Handling is something that we all come into contact with in our day to Day lives and carry on without a second thought, that is until something happens or doesn’t feel right by which time it’s too late. We all have a responsibility to look after ourselves and your employer has a responsibility and legal obligation to look after your well being. 


During BeSure Training’s Manual Handling course we look into the legislation and regulations that both employer and employee must adhere to, and how the risk assessments are utilised to establish the correct Manual Handling techniques to carry out tasks in the workplace.

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BeSure Manual Handling Training Mid Sussex

Our approach to Manual Handling Training is very geared to educating learners about how their anatomy works and what’s going on throughout the Manual Handling process. We believe that if we can help people to understand the mechanics behind the actions and relate it to themselves then we give the learner a better understanding and promote self preservation. Including practical demonstration on our courses along with active participation from the learner, it becomes a key element as part of the practical sessions with engaging activities and hands on practical tasks we instruct proper technique and posture when manual handling . Utilizing life size anatomically correct models and hands on simulation training aids we then help the learner to relate to the hazards and common injuries caused from incorrect Manual Handling technique. 

Modern technology as well as legislation means that many tasks today do not need the use of brute force and physical strength. BeSure Training helps you to recognize these ways to avoid potential injury and harm by recognising the approach best suited to the task and identifying the tools to use, also identifying tools that maybe required to be sure that the job is carried out successfully and safely. 


The Ofqual accredited Level 2 Award in Manual Handling is intended as an introduction to manual handling for those starting work, returning to work or who need specific training in manual handling, as well as being suitable for refresher training. All attendees receive a manual handling training book as well as Ofqual accredited certificates.

Learners achieving this practical qualification will have a better understanding that moving and handling must be carried out correctly and will recognise its importance in ensuring a safer working environment.


The content of the course will cover:

  • Relevant legislation

  • The importance of risk assessment

  • Causes of manual handling injuries

  • Anatomy of the Spine

  • Function of the spine

  • Identifying hazards

  • Control measures

  • Correct lifting procedures

  • Practical learning of lifting and moving techniques


Successful candidates will receive an Accredited Ofqual Level 2 Award in Manual Handling valid for 3 years. 


Candidates must be physically able to carry out the procedures detailed in the course outline.

Costs for Manual Handling Training Courses

Costs for in house Manual Handling Training Courses

2 - 16 Delegates £300 - £900

* Training venues can be arranged for your course if required at additional costs, please contact us about your training requirements to discuss what we can offer you. 

Costs for open Manual Handling Training Courses

There are regular open training courses that you are able to book which including Certification, Training book, Sandwich lunch and Tea/Coffee refreshments on the course.

The cost is £80 per person. 

BeSure Manual Handling Training Mid Sussex